Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blogging The Universe: A Weekly Look at Blogs of Interest, Installment 1, Antipixel

In celebration of the vast world of blogging and those who bring you these often brilliant sites highlighting both the mundane and the extraordinary, I bring you Blogging The Universe, a weekly installment including both description and points of connection. These are blogs I find to be of interest, either for the aesthetics of the site, sensational prose, or some combination thereof. Suggestions are always welcome.

I'm a sucker for anything Japanese so Jeremy Hedley's Antipixel blog has fascinated me since I discovered it a few months ago. He compiles beautiful photography and print imagery from Japan courtesy of his residence there as a tech worker. His photography, usually capturing local scenery and objects, is amazingly beautiful, something he also adds to in words as he describes his take on the images. He also has an interest in local art, especially art used to advertise products. The appeal of what was once a disposable wrapper or gift card (see the image above) in Japan certainly highlights the often overlooked beauty of print advertising across time. Enjoy!

- Christopher Bishop

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