Thursday, August 14, 2008

Japan Fest 2008 in Atlanta

The annual Japan Fest celebrating all things Japanese will be held on September 27th and 28th in the Gwinnett Center Convention Center. The festival has really grown over the years and offers everything from authentic Japanese food, music, and dance, to martial arts and workshops for children.

The Carlyle Fraser library owns a large number of books related to Japanese culture and history. Here are a few.

Fodor's Japan

Ref. 915.2 FODOR

Culture and Customs of Japan
952 KAMA
Kamachi, Noriko

Haiku-Vision In Poetry and Photography

895.6 ATWOOD
Atwood, Ann

Hiroshige's Woodblock Prints: A Guide
769.92 STRANGE
Strange, Edward Fairbrother

Japanese Mythology

Piggott, Juliet

Modern Japanese Writers

Ref. 895.6 MODERN

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