Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blogging The Universe: A Weekly Look At Blogs of Interest, Installment 2, Splendid Pictures Around The Net

So, I'm innocently surfing the internet for interesting photography, images, art in general, and what do I find, photos of Star Wars origami that amaze me. Some of the origami figures are incredible (see Yoda to the left for instance), and others are respectable works which fail to fully dazzle the viewer, but still serve as inspiration for those who seek the power of the force through paper crafts. The Star Wars origami images are collected on the blog Splendid Pictures Around The Net, a site collecting images including the hilarious "Security Guard At Work" which features sleeping security guards on duty, the outlandish "Japanese Extreme Modified Vans," and the unexpectedly inspiring "Fork Art" wherein forks are transformed into works of art. No matter your visual medium of choice, each visitor will find something on interest in the blog.

- Christopher Bishop

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