Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blogging The Universe: A Weekly Look At Blogs of Interest, Installment 3, P.I.P. (The Post-It Project)

I count myself among those who believe the post-it note rivals only the home computer as the most important invention of the 20th century (actual statistics to back this belief are unavailable and unnecessary to the entry you are about to read). I remember once running out of post-it notes at work and having to wait a few days for more to arrive with a regular office supply order, leading me to nearly go crazy as I stuck pieces of torn paper on my computer/work area with tape trying to recreate the post-it note's utility. The habit of sticking post-it notes everywhere could not be broken. My love for post-it notes brought me to P.I.P. (The Post-It Project), a blog whose creator has transformed the post-it note from functional communition tool, to art canvas. On display are both the blog author's original works, and a host of contributions, including some representing little more than scribbles, and others with quite intricate drawings. This is folk art at its best.

My love of folk art and small things also reminds me of Willard Wigan's very miniature art pieces which must be seen to be believed. The link above also contains a small gallery (no pun intended) of his work. Enjoy! - Christopher Bishop

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