Tuesday, February 26, 2008

GroPak: The Future of Food?

Ok, people, file this under "Green and oh, so cool!"
Recent Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Agata Jaworska is responsible for creating packaging for mushrooms that will eliminate the wastefulness of the transit process. When shipping mushrooms from the farm to the store they must be kept cool or they will begin to rot. This is bad for the environment as a lot of energy is used to cool these very warm trucks. But Jaworska's brilliant re-thinking of the supply chain has changed that!
She has designed biodegradable packaging that has been treated with a growing medium innoculated with fungi spores. So, instead of wasted time and energy, these packages are loaded onto trucks and the mushrooms actually grow IN TRANSIT. By the time they reach the stores, you have fresh, beautiful mushrooms.
I call that brilliant!
You can see an animation of the process on YouTube.
Go forth and be green!
Librarian Barker

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