Monday, February 25, 2008

Blogging The Universe: A Weekly Look At Blogs of Interest, Installment 4, atlantalarry

I live in East Atlanta, a culturally and economically diverse area of the city undergoing a number of changes. Until the 1970s the area was predominately Caucasian and middle class. An influx of African-Americans to the area resulted in white flight to the suburbs and a downturn in the economic prosperity of the area as social ills such as unemployment, crime, and lack of development overtook East Atlanta. In the middle 1990s young families, bohemians, and others seeking all the culture and amenities of downtown living began moving to East Atlanta and surrounding areas of Atlanta once forgotten, resulting in the diversity present in the area now. The development and changes in the area have brought about a number of questions and concerns on the part of long time residents and those who question the ramifications of gentrification in Atlanta.

Someone addressing some of those concerns while presenting an informative and colorful resource for Atlanta living is atlantalarry, a long time resident of East Atlanta and deeply informed source of knowledge for Atlanta civics and history as a whole. Larry's easy to navigate blog contains information concerning everything from riding Cobb County Transit, to local resources for gardening and history, to a unique collection of photography documenting areas of Atlanta such as East Atlanta, Grant Park, and downtown Atlanta (the image of the Flat Iron above is from Larry's blog). Blogs like atlantalarry are some of the richest resources available for understanding Atlanta as it undergoes some of the most dramatic social and economic transformations ever experienced by the city.

For additional resources on Atlanta and issues including gentrification, Grady Hospital, The Beltline, et cetera, I would like to guide readers to Westminster's School for the Common Good Wiki, a resource Vicki Norman and I prepared for the class to create an interactive learning experience. The link will take you to the library's guide with a link to the wiki at the bottom. Since the wiki was introduced students have added a number of resources. Those with additional resources to add are invited to do so.

- Christopher Bishop

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